Are conspiracy theories the truth?

Many people believe that everything is normal and always will be. One thing that most people forget is that an underlying mechanism (government) makes it seem normal. Hence the root word, govern. Governing society is a component of man governing. So in order to keep society from getting rowdy and out of control some truths get omitted to keep limits on mental man. When these truths get left out of the full story usually it’s a concerted effort by so called trusted media outlets. These channels / companies are viewed as sources of credible information, so people subscribe for updates and or visit these sources first upon consumption of certain rumors of interest. The very word “conspiracy” is defined as two or more entities working towards an illegal or devious plan. The word theory is just a guess based from facts already obtained, so the term conspiracy theory is just another way to say “if you took the clues and made a reasonable hypothesis, youre a frivolous idiotic wierdo!” To sum up the article before you; yes, the term conspiracy theory is another way to say truth.

Most of the historical conspiracies have been known to have come true as if it were some psychic prediction. In reality there are three layers of truth and I believe it’s setup like that by design. It’s done using the information sources (the media). Similar to how the average working man or woman doesn’t own commercial planes or boats, it’s also just as difficult for the average working citizen to own or control media outlets with massive viewers daily. It’s one of those things that you just have to be “in the club” or have that “elite priviledge”. The point being, the information you receive is filtered and agreed upon by a council collectively, and then distributed to the media community like journalist, news outlets, magazine companies etc. Depending on which layer of truth you examine, it’s fairly simple to see the conspiracies while they happen. In most cases the faceless controllers admit their plans via complex technical reports and newsletters so boring it feels like you’re reading movie credits. For those who can comprehend the technical reports, they get labelled as conspiracy theorists, but it’s only because the see the admitted truth.

In conclusion a theory is only a guess before the truth has a chance to surface, once it surfaces it’s just confirmation. So my advice is to search more conspiracy theories